BACKGROUND: Water in lakes, rivers, and swamps often contains suspended and microbiological impurities that make it  unfit for industrial and human use. Such water must be cleaned using a water treatment plant before use. An important stage in the water treatment is Filtration.

 FILTRATION PROCESS: The water passed through filter where all suspended matter, organic impurities and bacteria are removed. The filter can be made of Green Sand, Gravel or Manganese.

 Filtration Type : 

Activated Carbon Filters   Multi-Media Filters   Dual Media Filter 

Iron Filters   Pressure Sand Filters  Cartridge Filter

 Range of Filtration systems 

Type of Filtration

Range of Model

Size of filter


Flow Rate M3/Hr.


Activated Carbon Filter

PWAF-200 TO 2500

200 – 2500

0.2 - 300

Gravels & Carbon

Pressure Sand Filter

PWPS – 200 TO 3000

200 - 3000

0.2  - 350

Silica Sand, Pebbles, Gravels,Silex

Iron Removal Filter

PWIF -200 TO 2000

200  -  2000

0.2 - 250

Iron Media, Resin,Mno2

Dual Media Filter

PWDF – 200 TO 2000

200 -  2000

0.2 – 250

Pebbles, Gravels, Sand,Mno2

 Multigrade Filters
Multi grade filters makes use of  a coarse and fine media mixed together in fixed proportions to form a filter bed with appropriate pore dimension to block both large and small suspended particles in the water.

These filters can be used to achieve a flow rate from 0.2 m3 to 250m3. The filtered water contains 50-25ppm of         suspended solids. The filter requires very little maintenance. Normal untreated water can be used to wash away the      waste matter from the filter.   



       Industrial water process

     Ultra pure water for Electronic Industries and Pharmaceutical Industries

      Waste and Sewage Water Treatment  

      Boiler water and Cooling water

    Drinking water