Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is a process that includes two very similar applications of the same technology. The first is water softening. This is the process of removing ions from the water and replacing them with sodium ions and chloride ions. The most common use for this is Industrial and Domestic for remove the hardness from the water. This also reduces deposits and scale that can be left from water with a high level of hardness. The second application is Demineralization. In demineralisation, the hardness and other ions that are initially in the water are removed and replaced with H+ and OH- ions, which can combine to form water. This is used in applications where extremely pure water is required.

We have various Model of Ion Exchange Process for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial systems available. 

Range of Ion Exchange Process 

Type of Process

Range of Model

STD Model

Capacity M3/Hr.


DM Plants

PWDM-200 TO 2600

200 – 2600

0.2 - 150

Cation &Anion resin

Mixed Bed

PWMB – 300 TO 1000

300 - 1000

0.2  - 60

Cation & Anion resin


PWDG -300 TO 1000

300  -1000

0.2 - 100

Rings medias


PWDA – 200 TO 2000

200 - 2000

0.2 – 200

WAC, SOFTNER, DG,  resin


PWSF -250 TO 2000

250 - 2500

0.2 – 250


PRO Series Mixed Bed DeionizationPRO Series Mixed Bed Deionization units
Mixed Bed DI polishing Unit, designed for interoperability with the PRO Series Reverse Osmosis equipment. Sized from 100-450 GPM per unit
E Series Reverse Osmosis Machines
GEWT is now leading the commercialization of RO technology to ensure faster delivery, ease of operation and straight forward controls.

Hot-Water Sanitizable RO Systems
All-stainless steel RO and components designed specifically for high-temperature applications, featuring Duratherm membrane elements.

Desalination SWRO Systems
Complete desalination systems with control packages and superior seawater reverse osmosis membrane elements.


Membrane Pretreatment and Accessories
Auto SDI Silt Density IndexAuto SDI Silt Density Index
AutoSDI eliminates the need for stopwatches, graduated cylinders, calculators and tedious labor.


Product Innovation
Reliable care and state of the art water treatment for dialysis clinics are a hallmark of GE Water and Process. With over 30 years of experience and as the single source supplier for all critical components we supply 510k compliant products.

Process Membrane Equipment
Sepa CF Membrane Cell
SepaCF II Membrane Cell System is a lab scale crossflow membrane filtration unit that provides fast and accurate performance data with minimal amounts of membrane, product, expense, and time.


ESP Wastewater Minimization Systems
Minimization systems designed for treating end-of-pipe oily wastewater streams, reducing wastewater volume by 90-98 percent.

Process Evaluation SystemsProcess Evaluation Systems
Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration and Ozonation.
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