PureWaterSA has the necessary expertise to provide the range of services listed below in the field of water treatment.

  1. Our experts can provide consultation to industries seeking to identify potential problems or performance bottlenecks in existing water treatment plants and offer advice on the best and most cost effective solutions.
  2. Experienced professionals can advice on the measures that need to be taken for reducing the operating and maintenance costs of water treatment plants.
  3. PureWaterSA can install and commission water treatment plants of any required capacity for clients.
  4. PureWaterSA can upgrade existing water treatment plants to take advantage of the latest technologies and refinements that can help clients increase efficiency and capacity.
  5. Experts are on call 24 X 7 to troubleshoot any unexpected emergencies for any of our clients.
  6. PureWaterSA can provide genuine spares for any type of water treatment equipment at short notice.
  7. Technicians from PureWaterSA can repair any type of water treatment equipment in the shortest possible period of time.

Our company values dictate that all our services be characterized by responsibility and responsiveness and that all services be provided without defect, error or omission. It is a matter of great pride for PureWaterSA, that our services and expertise have gained a reputation for quality and reliability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.