Water Testing Kits

Lead Water
Test Kit


PurTest® LEAD test is an EPA-based method designed to allow you to easily test your water for dangerous levels of lead at home.
Lead Lab
Test Kit
Lead-contaminated water from lead pipes and fixtures contributes to lead poisoning in over 40,000,000 homes. Every time you drink from the faucet, cook with tap water, or brush your teeth, you may be at risk.
Pesticide Water Test Kit


Pesticide contamination can be dangerous to your health. Now you can easily and accurately test for pesticides in your drinking water and bathing water. You will have peace of mind about the safety of your water.
Water Test Kit


Tests for the presence of bacteria, nitrate and nitrite in your water. The clearest, best tasting water may contain bacteria and nitrates.
Iron/Hardness Plus Chlorine Water Test Kit


The Iron/Hardness Plus kit consists of easy-to-use strips that allow you to quickly test for 8 common contaminants/conditions, including chlorine.
Arsenic Water
Test Kit


Arsenic is a naturally occurring element in the environment. Arsenic in ground water is largely the result of minerals dissolving naturally from weathered rocks and soils and it can be found in both public and private water supplies.
Whole Home Water Test Kit


The Home Water Analysis Kit provides a reliable, convenient way to check your water supply for 12 contaminants and conditions.